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Ferm: The Must-Have Glassware for Every Occasion

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Looking for a simple way to elevate your drink experience? Think glassware that adds to the flavor of the beverage looks elegant and stores easily. Ferm Living Ripple Glasses come in various shapes and sizes for your beverage. Hand-made, delicate, and stackable, here’s why we’ve been serving our drinks in Ferm Living Ripple Glasses. 

The benefit of mouth-blown glass 

woman mouth blowing glass

 The glass is usually lighter-weight, making it more comfortable to hold. The thin glass enhances the flavor of your beverage – especially wine. You’re not distracted by heaviness, and instead, your lips meet a smooth, even edge when you take a sip. They’re also a great dinner table conversation since each hand-made glass is one-of-a-kind. 


Plus, the thin, mouth-blown glass looks especially sophisticated on the table or displayed in a cabinet as it reflects light better. 

Why the ripple?

Firm Living Ripple Glasswear also has an elegant ripple design. The distinctive geometric shapes are made after the glass is blown. Once the glass is hand-blown, a laser cuts the lines through the glass, and the shape edges are smoothed out. 

Ripple glassware is often used in photo shoots because the light reflection can’t be found in other types of glasses. The texture of the glass adds to the drinking experience as well.  

Our Top Picks

Firm Living makes Ripple Glasswear in all different shapes and sizes. Here are our favorites: 

Ferm Living Ripple Glass 

These stackable glasses are ideal for juice or a shot of espresso over ice. They come in smoked grey or clear glass. 

Ferm Living Long Drink Glasses 

Looking for just the right glass for your smoothie, cocktail, mocktail, or iced coffee? The Long Drink Glasses have an elegant and stackable design. 

Ferm Living Ripple Champagne Saucer 

Pure elegance can be found in the shape of a Ferm Living Ripple Champagne Saucer. You don’t need champagne to enjoy it (although you could!). The glass is also particularly suited for your favorite cocktail or mocktail. We’ve even used them to serve dessert as well. 

ferm ripple glass champagne saucer

Ferm Living Wine Glasses 

The Ferm Living Wine Glasses are ideal for wine or even water. Use them at brunch, a garden party, or a soiree. They’re just that versatile. Plus, they’re stackable. 

Ferm Living Ripple Verrines 

Reminiscent of French dining, these ripple Verrines are perfect for serving water or dessert drinks. Couple them with the Carafe for elegant table settings every time. When you’re done, you can use the verrines as a carafe cover as well. 


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