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The Best Non-Alcoholic Whiskeys and Bourbons

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Looking for the best drink to curl up with on a cold winter’s night? Enjoy the best nonalcoholic whiskey and bourbon for cocktails so you can sip your nightcap without the guilt.

Do you know what the difference between whiskey and bourbon is? Whiskey is a distilled spirit made from grains and aged in barrels. There are many different types of whiskey. One of them is bourbon. Bourbon is an American whiskey that must be made with at least 51% corn and aged in new oak-charred barrels.

Bourbon often tastes different from other types of whiskey, like Scotch or Irish whiskey. It’s completely normal if you like the flavor of bourbon and not of whiskey or the other way around.

Ready to taste the flavor of good nonalcoholic whiskey? Here are the best alcohol-free whiskeys for cocktails.

Spiritless Kentucky 74 Nonalcoholic Bourbon

spiritless kentucky 74

…for your classic Old Fashioned

Enjoy the smooth flavors of caramel, vanilla, and oak in this blended bourbon. Created in Kentucky for those of us who want all the flavors of a classic Kentucky bourbon without alcohol. Since it lacks some of the bite that liquor will give you, it’s best mixed or turned into a cocktail, like an Old Fashioned.

Ritual Whiskey Alternative

ritual whiskey alternative hot toddy

...for a sweet and spicy whiskey flavor

Spicy, smooth, and sweet, Ritual whiskey alternative is made for your next nonalcoholic mixed drink. Ritual whiskey is on the sweet side: we recommend lowering the sugar in your cocktail for the best flavor. When it comes to achieving 100% booze-like flavor, Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey works well with bitters.

Gnista Barreled Oak Nonalcoholic Spirit

...for a dark and smoky flavor

Gnista Barreled Oak Whiskey is an alcohol-free spirit with the dark sophistication of an adult beverage. With notes of smoke, bitterness, and deep chocolatey spice, we thoroughly enjoyed it mixed into an Old Fashioned—we didn’t notice the lack of alcohol at all. 

 Lyre’s Nonalcoholic American Malt

lyre's american malt and cola

...for a sweet and herbal flavored Bourbon

A mellow testament to American bourbon, Lyre’s is a delightful mix of vanilla, oak, and herbal flavors that mimic the sophistication of bourbon. Mix it into your favorite whiskey cocktails. Lyre’s is sweeter than an alcoholic bourbon, so make sure to cut down on sweeteners in your cocktail recipes. 

Free Spirits Nonalcoholic Bourbon

...for a smokeless sweet and citrus flavor

Free Spirits Bourbon is a little more acidic than the other bourbons on this list, with sweet caramel tones without the smoke. It tastes similar to Jack Daniels and loans itself nicely to a “spiked” hot Apple Cider or any other bourbon mixed drink.

Gnista Wormwood Nonalcoholic

gnista wormwood with decanter

...for an herbal and fruit flavor

Gnista wormwood has a unique whiskey-like flavor for the trained palate. The herbal tones are balanced with caramel and orange. Mix it into a hot toddy for a comforting nightcap, or update your whiskey cocktail recipes with this nonalcoholic spirit.

Ready to try some whiskey without the alcohol? Try our varieties today.

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