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The Best Nonalcoholic Gin Substitutes

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We’ve been looking for the perfect nonalcoholic gin to mix into our holiday alcohol-free gin cocktails. Plus, Dry January is right around the corner, so we’re getting prepared.

There are quite a few choices on the market when it comes to nonalcoholic gin. Each with its own unique flavor profile, we’re sure you’ll fine one to love. Some mimic the taste of gin to an extraordinary degree. Others go off the beaten path to delight your senses with novelty.

Whichever one you choose, you can be assured you’ll get the most flavor with none of the side effects, with nonalcoholic gin substitutes and cocktails.

Monday Gin 

picture of monday gin



…for a London Gin substitute

We reach for Monday Gin when only the well-balanced flavors of juniper, botanicals, citrus, and spices will do. In other words, when we want a well-balanced London dry gin alcohol-free. Monday Gin is our favorite 1-1 replacement in G&T and different gin cocktails. 

Ritual — Gin Alternative — Non-Alcoholic Spirit

picture of ritual gin alternative

…for a spicy flavor with less juniper

Zero Proof Gin by Ritual is a satisfying twist on gin: it's bright, herbal, and burns just enough to give you the sensation it's alcoholic. The gin alternative tastes a bit spicier and less juniper-y than its alcohol counterpart if you’re drinking it as a shot (which you shouldn’t). We mixed it with some quality tonic to balance out the flavors, making it taste like the real thing. 



Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Dry London Spirit

…for a dry gin substitute

Lyre’s Dry London Spirit has the flavors of juniper, botanicals, and quinine, giving it a G&T taste that is delightful sipped even without the mixer. It’s very dry and well-suited for a classic Gin martini or on the rocks.

picture of lyre's gin

Gin Ish 

picture of ginISH

…for a spicy gin with the texture of alcohol

Gin ISH is a nonalcoholic spirit with a strong note of juniper, citrus, and spice that makes us feel like we’re drinking the real thing. Gin ISH mimics the strong taste of alcohol with a kick, which works well mixed into an Indian Tonic.

Amass Riverine Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

picture of Amass Riverine



…for a complex botanical experience

This fresh take on gin has 14 unique botanicals in the mix, with strong smells of cardamom and coriander. It’s made to be a beverage in its own right: its complexity goes beyond the normal tastes of gin. Try it on the rocks or as a delightful negroni.

Pentire Seaward Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

picture of pentire seaward



…for bright and citrusy seaside notes

This bright herbal and citrus nonalcoholic spirit was called the best nonalcoholic drink by Gordon Ramsay, and for good reason. It’s similar to gin, yet it doesn’t compete. It knows it can stand on its own with its seaside notes, perfect to be mixed into tonic and enjoyed at the beach.

The Spirit of Gin 

picture of the spirit of gin

…for a healthy gin alternative

Get your vitamins while sipping your gin and tonic this holiday season. The Spirit of Gin has the smooth flavors of juniper, cardamom, coriander, and citrus, mimicking the notes of a London Dry. It’s delicious mixed into a nonalcoholic G&T or turned into the classic gin cocktail, the negroni. Plus, it’s fortified with vitamin B.

Check out all of our gin alternatives here!

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