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Vinyl & Drinks: A Spirited Guide to Records and Sips Pairings

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Vinyl records and non-alcoholic drinks might seem like an unconventional pairing, but both have the power to evoke emotions, memories, and even transport us to different eras. As we celebrate National Vinyl Day, we're taking the opportunity to combine the timeless magic of music with the artistry of non-alcoholic beverages. Join us as we explore some iconic songs and match them with exquisite non-alcoholic drinks that amplify the experience. 


The Cure – The Last Day of Summer x Ritual Zero Proof Aperitif Alternative 


"The Last Day of Summer" by The Cure delves into the bittersweet disappointment of losing something once effortless—be it a feeling, a relationship, or a sense of self. The lyrics resonate with a lingering sense of emptiness and loss as the narrator grapples with the slipping away of cherished elements. The first verse paints a picture of an emotional void, where the narrator finds themselves drained of emotion or conviction. Echoing this sentiment, the world of Aperitivo evokes memories of summer's warmth, aligning perfectly with The Cure's melancholic ode to bidding farewell to the season. Crafted with delicate hints of bitterness and sweetness, an Italian-inspired Aperitif Alternative encapsulates the fleeting essence of summer's embrace. Like The Cure's introspective melodies, this drink becomes a bittersweet sip that transports you to the Mediterranean coast, mingling flavors and emotions, much like the wistful last day of summer.


David Bowie – Fill Your Heart x Hand on Heart Cabernet Sauvignon 


David Bowie's "Fill Your Heart" beckons us to embrace life's unknowns and infuse our hearts with love. This song acts as a guiding light through uncharted territories, encouraging us to make space for fresh experiences. Similarly, Hand on Heart's Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon offers a rich and vibrant journey for your senses. Bursting with flavors of dark cherry, black currants, and toasted vanilla, this wine encapsulates the essence of Bowie's message—embracing novelty within the realm of non-alcoholic beverages. Allow the song's resonant notes to intertwine with your sips, creating a symphony of exploration and embracing life's intricate melodies.


Prince – Raspberry Beret x Bravus Brewing Raspberry Gose


"They say the first time ain't the greatest, but I tell ya if I had the chance to do it all again, I wouldn't change a stroke." Prince's lyrics set the stage for a tale of youthful charm and fleeting opportunity. In sync with this narrative, the scene is set at a five-and-dime shop, where a young, seemingly unproductive employee's life takes an unexpected turn. A chance encounter with a girl donning a raspberry-colored beret leads to an intriguing twist, mirroring the vibe of Prince's song. Bravus Brewing’s raspberry gose paints a similar picture—vibrant, playful, and full of delightful surprises. Like "Raspberry Beret," this unique non-alcoholic beer marries tart raspberries with a subtle hint of salt, creating a refreshing brew that embodies the carefree spirit of summer. Allow the funky, carefree vibes of Prince's track to intertwine with your experience of this raspberry-infused delight. 


INXS - Elegantly Wasted x Noughty Sparkling Rosé


INXS's hit "Elegantly Wasted" embodies the pursuit of living life to the fullest, even if it's not the conventional notion of the "good life." The song reflects a life of indulgence, glamor, and a touch of recklessness. The lyrics hint at the protagonist's awareness of their own potential and power, using it to chase dreams and conquer the world. Thomson & Scott's Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé aligns seamlessly with this theme. Crafted with transparency and playfulness, Noughty wines are a celebration of the vibrant lifestyle. With the same finesse as the song's depiction of an elegant existence, Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay captures the essence of living in the moment. Perfect for pairing with hors d'oeuvres and buttery dishes, the wine embraces the song's ethos of living boldly and unapologetically.


Black Flag – Six Pack x Athletic Brewing Lite 


From the punk movement emerged hardcore, an aggressive and fast style inspired by pioneers like Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Fear, and Bad Brains. Within this counterculture, a subculture arose: straight edge punk, advocating drug and alcohol abstinence as the true punk revolution. Despite its paradoxical nature, straight edge punk remains vibrant, forming a distinct culture. In the world of non-alcoholic drinks, Athletic Brewing Lite pairs seamlessly with Black Flag's anthem "Six Pack." Like the song's raw vigor, Athletic Brewing Lite's simplicity reflects its rebellious spirit. With each sip of this light brew, embrace the freedom to forge your unique path, even in your beverage choices.


MGMT – Little Dark Age x Bravus Brewing Oatmeal Dark Non-Alcoholic Beer 


MGMT's "Little Dark Age" beckons us to explore life's enigmatic corners—a journey marked by mysterious allure and dark humor. Enter Bravus Brewing's Oatmeal Dark Non-Alcoholic Beer, a brew that aligns perfectly with the exploration. With nuanced notes of chocolate, caramel, and roast, it mirrors the song's complexity. As MGMT dives into life's duality, this beer's malt character—with hints of nuttiness, mild oat, and high sweetness—adds depth to your tasting experience. Just as the song navigates life's intricate tapestry, savor the layers of flavors within each sip of this bold brew.

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