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Where to Sip Boisson: Our New Non-Alc Partnerships in LA & NYC

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While sipping non-alc at home is not an experience to be missed, we’re passionate about infusing NA options into the hotels, restaurants, and nightlife you know and love throughout the world. It’s our pleasure to work with some of the best in the business to bring you curated menus of wines, beers, cocktails and more. 
For starters, we’ve gone bicoastal. Check out a few of our LA and NY-based non-alcoholic partners below—if you’re in town, come sip with us! May you never feel obligated to order a seltzer & lime again.


The Standard, Meatpacking District
A must-see in the heart of the Meatpacking District, The Standard is home to a modern hotel overlooking the Hudson and a number of restaurants and bars to explore: The Standard Grill, the Biergarten, the Living Room and Le Bain at the top of it all. Beloved for brunching, group soirées, and late nights with sweeping city views, The Standard makes it easy to fall in love with New York, if you haven’t already. Our signature cocktail—Easy Does It—is a sparkling invitation to take it all in.

Menu Preview
Easy Does It 
A zero-proof apéritif made with Wilfred’s, French Bloom Le Blanc, & Caleño Dark and Spicy
Naks, East Village
Naks—slang for surprise and admiration in Tagalog—lives up to the name. In the heart of the East village, this Filipino culinary celebration is a feast-style experience. Enjoy an a la carte menu or make a reservation ahead of time for an 18-course kamayan option. Yes, 18. The cocktails are as complex and vibrant as the cuisine itself. The Sago Gulaman is a soothing pick-me-up. For a sweet, creamy-like cocktail, indulge the Taho.

Menu Preview
Sago Gulaman
Three Spirit Social Elixir & Nightcap, molasses, coconut water & nata de coco
Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn spirit, silken tofu-soya milk emulsion, burnt sugar syrup & tapioca pearls


The Proper Hotel, Santa Monica
The Proper Hotel is one of Santa Monica’s destination spots for eating, drinking, and gathering just up the road from Ocean Avenue. An art-filled lounge has a chic yet warm and welcoming feel, mirroring Planta’s menu. From brainpower lattes and wellness juices to seasonal charcuterie and juicy burgers, there’s something for every mood. Expertly crafted non-alcoholic cocktails fit seamlessly into the pristine vibe at the Proper.

Menu Preview
French 75
French Bloom Le Blanc, Lyre's Italian Orange, Fever Tree Club Soda & Yuzu

San Francisco

Piglet & Co, Mission District
Piglet & Co. has adopted an extensive, well-balanced zero-proof menu. Every option can be paired to flatter their amazing cuisine: nostalgic Asian flavors and comfort food take on a modern feel, making guests feel right at home. An ever-changing menu reflects seasonal ingredients, calling to mind the memories and timelines of childhood, meals with elders, and the iconic night markets of Taiwan.

Menu Preview
Spirits, Cocktails & Apéritifs

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