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Using the Kitchen as a Pharmacy: Q&A with Tricia Williams, Founder & CEO of Daily Dose

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When it comes to eating well to be well, Tricia Williams is a true leader in the space. Her journey from pastry chef to co-founder & CEO of Daily Dose is a story of growth, deep expertise, and community. She has partnered with top doctors and wellness experts around the world, designed dynamic meal plans committed to nourishment and sustainability, and seen the power of healing through food in sick and immunocompromised clientele. Ultimately, her belief is that we can truly optimize our humanity through how we eat, drink, and sleep. From the Blue Zones to grass-fed, non-alcoholic braised short ribs (drooling) to Dr. Joe Dispenza, we loved the breadth of wisdom in this conversation.

Thanks for being here! We love to start with the basics—tell us a bit about your story so far.

I started my career as a Pastry Chef in NYC. I worked my way through fine dining and transitioned to cooking before becoming an executive chef. After becoming pregnant with my first son, I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It changed my life forever. I started on a path to discover more about health, nutrition education, and the importance of sourcing. 

When my son was two, I created Food Matters—a highly customized food delivery service. We worked alongside some of the top functional medicine doctors in the city to create unique menus to optimize their patients' individual health journeys. Our celebrity clientele included people like Jimmy Fallon, Ralph Lauren, and Alicia Keys, to name a few, but we also began serving clients with very serious health issues—infertility, cancer, autoimmune disease, etc. Each customer taught us to truly use the kitchen as a pharmacy to help them heal. 

I took the lessons I learned from Food Matters and launched Daily Dose as a national brand. We onboarded with some terrific leaders in the health space, including Dr. Will Cole, Dr. David Perlmutter and Don Saladino to create unique meal plans. There is not one diet that's right for everyone—so we have options. In 2024, we are launching an Autoimmune Cure Diet with Dr. Sara Gottfried as well as a revamped Mediterranean Diet.

Everything about Daily Dose is delicious. What inspired you to build this brand?

I wanted people to fall in love with healthy eating. Eating clean shouldn’t just be a diet that you adopt for a restricted period of time. It should be a lifestyle that people love.

We've seen you speak about the importance of clean eating, living in balance, sleep, and wellness in general. How does alcohol play into your idea of wellness?

If we look at the wisdom of Blue Zones and alcohol use, it's used as a social tool that brings community together, not for a guy sitting alone in his apartment drinking a six pack of beer. Alcohol is a complete sleep disrupter. It also makes people less likely to make good food choices both while consuming alcohol and the day after. That's why I love Boisson—and the idea that we can come together as a social community with non-alcoholic choices that are elegant and pair well with food.

We're curious about your journey in the non-alc world. What does that look like for you at the moment?

January is dry for me. I have been on a culinary path with alcohol-free products, including them in recipes in my upcoming cookbook with Dr. James DiNicolantonio. Braising grass-fed short ribs with alcohol-free wine is a home run!

We've loved partnering together during Dry Jan. What about Daily Dose has made this a natural partnership?

It's about sourcing and craftsmanship, which Daily Dose and Boisson naturally align on.

Our last week of Dry January is about coming back better than we were before—The Renewal. How does Daily Dose support this?

Dry January isn’t just about resolutions, but about behavior change for human optimization. Eating and drinking clean directly impacts how we age and the quality of our health span. We just don't live longer but live better!

How has your first month of 2024 been...and what are you looking forward to?

In 2024, Daily Dose is focused on building community around live events with our thought leaders. We are not just a box of well curated meals that come to your door, but a community that will move together, eat together, and learn together.

Our motto at Boisson is seeing the Glass Half Full. What does that look like for you and the team at Daily Dose?

I'll quote Dr. Joe Dispenza, who speaks a lot about mindset: what if you thought to yourself that everything in life will work out? How would that change the way you live from day to day?

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