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Best Day Brewing Pairing Guide: The Best Non-Alcoholic Brews & Bites for Game Day

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With the Big Game coming up this weekend, we’ve got food, drinks, friends, and family on our mind. And football, naturally. Whether you’re a seasoned beer drinker, brand new to NA beer, or planning to host beer-drinking guests you can’t relate to—there’s a sip for that.

Best Day Brewing is a lifestyle-driven, non-alcoholic beer company we’re loving—and it’s perfect for game days. Crafted in Northern California, each unique brew is full-flavor, full-body, and full aroma. The brewery operates to inspire a life of drinking great beer and celebrating days adventuring, enjoying, achieving, and dreaming. It’s the perfect ode to the ultimate show of athleticism this weekend…after all, alcohol and fitness have a sort of inverted relationship.

If you’re still looking to imbibe but want to skip the hangover, consider alternating a night of beer with half NA picks. To make it easy, we put together a collection of food pairings to elevate the event. We’re stocking up, prepping game day bites, and excited for a full Sunday followed by a really good Monday morning. 


  • Best Day - Kölsch - pairs well with Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Italian Deli Subs, & Wings.
    • Kölsch is a low calorie, sippable, easy-to-love expression…making it perfect to enjoy alongside hearty sandwiches and plenty of wings. Cologne and Pilsner malts meet Hallertau hops in a refreshing (yet complex) Kölsch ale: notes of toast, caramel, and citrus create a bright, lightly hoppy balance. As for the fried chicken and buffalo wings—more is always better, and this brew aims to flatter. 
  • Best Day - Belgian White - pairs well with Grilled Sausages, Pretzels & Beer Cheese.
    • An aromatic, soothing Belgian-Style Wheat is perfect for pretzels drenched in beer cheese and smoky grilled sausages or bratwurst. A bit of sugar and spice on the nose makes for an aromatic introduction, and notes of organic chamomile flower, coriander, and orange peel carry the best of both worlds. The duality of florals and spice has us wishing this wasn’t a limited edition release…;) 
  • Best Day Brewing - West Coast IPA - pairs well with Fish Tacos and Nachos.
    • This malty, hoppy, West Coast IPA is  a natural fit for fish tacos and a high stack of nachos for picking at. Following a tangerine-tinged hue, a rich malt lays the foundation for citrusy Cascade hops to shine. Notes of grapefruit are complimented by a bit of creaminess and a subtle, bitter ending. Enjoy the ultimate coastal IPA. 
  • Best Day - Hazy IPA - pairs well with BBQ or Chili Dogs.
    • This Hazy IPA is fruit-forward on the nose and full of life on the palate. A medium body of rich, juicy tropical fruit notes and citrus wrap up in a slightly bitter, dry ending. The hazy member of the collection stands well on its own, but also leaves plenty of room for the spice and weight of barbecue, chili dogs, and all the curly fries and condiments you can get your hands on.

No matter who you’re rooting for, may both sides get to indulge in comfort foods and NA beers alike—from IPAs to light brews. Enjoy!

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