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Five Best Low and No Alcohol Margaritas

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Whether you're getting ready for Cinco de Mayo or just love margaritas, you don't have to sacrifice enjoying one of the most beloved cocktails simply because of the alcohol. We've put together our favorite non-alcoholic margaritas plus a low-alcohol margarita that will be the best "skinny marg" you'll ever have!

To assemble all of these recipes unless otherwise noted, add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice; shake until very cold and frothy. Strain over a fresh glass of ice that has already been rimmed.


ISH Mexican Agave spirit and margarita
ISH Mindful Margarita
ISH Spirits make award-winning non-alcoholic wines and spirits that deliver on the taste, body, and bite one may expect from alcoholic versions. With the release of their new ISH Mexican Agave spirit comes this classic margarita recipe without the alcohol.

SUGGESTED RIM: kosher salt



DHOS Orange spirit & skinny margarita
DHOS Low-Alc Skinny Margarita
In traditional margaritas, Triple Sec packs a one-two punch with its high sugar content and ABV (up to 40%), coming in at up to 225 calories per serving. DHOS Orange provides a non-alcoholic alternative with no sugar and only 5 calories per serving. If you want a low-alcohol and low-calorie margarita without sacrificing on flavor, this is the recipe for you!

SUGGESTED RIM: kosher salt & chile powder



Monday Mezcal and mezcalritas
Monday Mezcal-rita
If you're a fan of smokiness, then a mezcal-based margarita is the obvious choice. Recently released in April 2022, Monday spirits has created a first-of-its-kind, alcohol-free Mezcal.

SUGGESTED RIM: Tajin spice



Seedlip Garden 108 with thyme margarita
Seedlip Herbal Margarita
If you'd like to make a more unconventional, alcohol-free margarita, try this recipe featuring Seedlip Garden 108, a distilled non-alcoholic spirit with flavors of peas, hay, spearmint, thyme, and rosemary.

SUGGESTED RIM: agave syrup & kosher salt



Ritual tequila alternative with easy margarita
Danielle's No Regrets Margarita
Boisson customer Danielle K. from Florida turned us on to this deliciously simple margarita, no shaker required. Being a busy corporate professional, mother of two, and taco afficionado, she concocted this recipe that delivers on flavor but saves on time.

Stir all ingredients together until sugar has completely dissolved. Pour over 2-3 ice cubes in a fresh glass. Add lime wedge for garnish if it's the weekend.


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