A modern take on the cocktail—made to be mixed with all your favorite things.

Avec, French for “with,” is a nod to all the important aspects of a great drink: what we mix it with, what it’s made with, and who we share it with. With a focus on creating lighter, healthier mixers, each blend is made with all natural ingredients and real botanicals. Unique flavor profiles come to life in convenient yet elevated ready-to-drink cocktail mixers. To make a good thing better, they use all real ingredients and (a lot) less sugar than other mixers.

0.0% ABV
gluten free
low sugar
What people are saying

"...a refreshing drink that is not sweet like a soda and is more complex than a conventional seltzer."


"It's good. I like it. I buy it. I'm on automatic payment for 2 4-packs I think every two months? It's good stuff!"

Dann G.

"Tangy and good."


"Definitely a step above regular seltzer, you can actually distinctly taste the different flavors of each."


"Magical mixer- low sugar, no calories, zippy and bright."

AVEC - Ginger 4-pack

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage




AVEC can be enjoyed as a mixer, a soda, and with or without booze. No matter how you do it, each expression presents a delicious, modern take on the cocktail and leaves the rest up to you.

Q&A with Dee Charlemagne, Co-Founder of AVEC

"I remember working on a big beverage brand, pre-AVEC and "multicultural drinks" were all of the most sugary drinks in their portfolio. It doesn't need to be that way."


We've created a 'pregnancy friendly' filter on our category pages to help filter our products that are free of ingredients typically recommended to avoid. Please note this is a method of filtering and not medical advice; consult your doctor first before trying anything new. As pregnancy is highly personal, we cannot advise what's appropriate for your journey.

Items that are 0.5% ABV are still included in this filter; please check with your doctor for what is right for you. For comparison, there can be as much as 0.73% ABV in orange juice and 0.86% ABV in grape juice, and an even higher percentages in certain types of bread.