Spencer Matthews' line of bar cart classics designed for a life less wasted.

After a background in ambitious, party-driven jobs, British entrepreneur and TV personality Spencer Matthews decided to leave alcohol behind as he prepared for parenthood. He found that a booze-free life resulted in a more driven, energetic, and creative version of himself. Inspired by the shift, he created alcohol alternatives that leave behind the morning after effects, don’t preach, and create an option for everyone. In their own words, CleanCo sells time.

0.5% ABV
gluten free
Low Calorie
What people are saying

"We've been experimenting with N/A alternatives in the past year and Clean Co. Gin Alternative mixed with tonic has become one of our faves! We tried a couple other gin alternatives which were not to our liking. This is a real find!!"


"It actually does have the fragrance of quality tequila, a similar taste, and holds up in close portions as a substitute in cocktails."


"I bought this in the fall for a specific recipe around Holloween-Thanksgiving since it’s apple and cinnamon flavored, but here I am Spring just around the corner. I like my afternoon HH tibble on ice."


"Very close to whiskey mouthfeel and great flavor for having neat or with sparkling water! Would buy again!"


"The first spirit I’ve bought that is fabulous just with ice. Satisfies my love for whiskey. Couldn’t recommend more highly."



Let your inner bartender shine! We highly recommend mixing these spirits to release their flavor profiles properly.

Q&A with Spencer Matthews, founder of CleanCo

" I think a lot of people would be genuinely amazed at how much easier things become with a more mindful approach to alcohol consumption. "