Optimist - Smokey

Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spiritture Non-Alcoholic Apéritif


Optimist - Fresh

Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit


Optimist - Bright

Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit



Non-Alcoholic Spirits 3pk Bundle (Bright, Fresh, Smokey)



For the love of LA.

Born and made in California, OPTIMIST Botanicals is a portfolio of spirits inspired by the state's natural treasures. Each botanical love letter to Los Angeles speaks to the diversity of the city's landscapes and cultures, from the High Desert to Topanga Canyon to Venice Beach.

Optimized to preserve the richness of each ingredient, the non-alcoholic botanical spirits are made using delicate distillation and extraction techniques. Each blend contains between 10-15 botanicals, and no sugar, calories, or additives.

0.0% ABV
Sustainable Values
gluten free
What people are saying

"Smokey is great for Sierra Madre Sunset."

Lisa V.

"Favorite flavor, good with tonic, better in a gimlet. Buying a case at a time for parties."

Bryce Y.

"Incredible flavor profiles. Highly recommend."



OPTIMIST is made for mixing—we love getting creative behind the bar with these spirits. SMOKEY is, naturally, great in a spicy margarita, and we love FRESH and BRIGHT in crisp, gin-like cocktails and spritzers.

What are Non-Alcoholic Spirits?

How are they made, and why should you care?


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