Dram - Ginger Cinnamon Non-Alcoholic CBD Sparkling Switchel (4-pack)

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A Sparkling Cbd Switchel With Prebiotics To Increase Immunity, Encourage A Healthy Gut And Reduce Stress: Switchel is a tart and tangy beverage historically enjoyed by farm workers to keep them hydrated and healthy on long days.

Dram adds a modern twist with a full working dose (25mg) of Colorado Hemp CBD per can. These drinks may:

Reduce inflammation

  • Promote immunity support
  • Increase resilience to stress
  • Provide a bioavailable source of prebiotics and electrolytes
  • Assist in the healing of chronic gut problems and stomach upset

These drinks are fabulous as a pre or post workout drink, or as a daily tonic for gut health. If you regularly drink Apple Cider Vinegar we’ve already done the work of mixing it with sparkling water for you! These are a wonderful N/A alternative to beer as they have a lively palate, robust mouthfeel and tons of flavor! They do taste and smell like vinegar so please be aware if you don’t like vinegar. Pairs with: Citrus, Cheese, Spicy and Pungent Foods Our CBD-infused sparkling switchel maximizes bio availability by using water soluble CBD made from Colorado-grown hemp.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*All Products contain less than .3% THC and is legal in all 50 States.

*Adaptogens And Cbd Are Not A Cure All. It Is Your Responsibility To Do Your Research And Decide If this Product Is Right For You. Cbd Affects Every Body Differently, And We Are Not Responsible If This Product Does Not Have The Intended Benefits You Are Seeking. If You Are On Medication Please Talk To Your Doctor Before Purchasing.

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