Wölffer Estate - Spring In A Bottle Non-Alcoholic Wine

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Founded in 1988, Wölffer Estate is an arbiter of style, taste, quality, and celebration of place in the wine industry. With a knack for creating beautiful bottles to mimic vibrant, satisfying palates within, each Wölffer varietal sparks joy and makes for celebratory sipping on any given day. Spring In A Bottle is produced in the seaside village of Sagaponack, located in the heart of the Hamptons. Made with organically grown Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Saint Laurent, and Dornfelder grape varieties from Rheinhessen, Germany, this rosé is a vibrant, acidic blend with an elegant minerality and long finish.

Whether you’re looking for a wine to carry you through a day at the pool or a long, dimly lit dinner amongst loved ones, you can’t go wrong with this pick. It’s crisp, clean, and sophisticated from the inside out. Wölffer recommends pairing it alongside soups, salad, spicy Asian dishes, pork, and fish. We don’t have mixed feelings about this one—we love it in all its dry, pink, bubbly glory with or without food.

Alcohol by Volume:

  • 0.0%


  • No

Product Size:

750ml | 25.4 oz