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5 Tips for Slaying Your Way Into 2024—Without Alcohol

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If hangover-free holidays sound too good to be true…they aren’t. Whether you’re hosting friends and family or doubling down on solitude, good food, and gratitude, we have a few easy tips for adding ease to a zero-proof season. Enjoy all the bright nights and cocktails of the season—without a single sign of last night lingering in the morning. 

1. Romanticize the Season.

If you’re not used to not drinking, it’s only natural to wonder if the season will be lackluster without alcohol. We’re here to promise you that’s not the case.

Outside of keeping your glass half-full with any non-alcoholic option that you fancy, we whole-heartedly recommend keeping the bells and whistles of the holiday spirit alive and well. 

Set the scene at home with a few décor items and an inspired ambiance. A few votives, candle sticks, twinkly lights, and fresh flowers elevate any space. If you’re hosting holiday dinners, remember that flowers with a lot of height can make it harder to see across the table—we love a few small vases down the center. Green and cream hydrangeas add easy warmth to any room. If you have a bit more time, filling vases with water and floating candles creates a whimsical feel.  It’s the perfect occasion for using your favorite glassware—or an excuse to get a few new things ;) 

If you’re in hibernation mode, try an extra-fuzzy blanket, some soft background music, and maybe a bit of epsom salt or essential oils for a self-care winter bath.

No matter how you unwind and savor the season, what matters most is just a bit of thoughtfulness to elevate your winter days—a little goes a long way here. 

2. Non-Alcoholic Sips

Whether you’re hosting an NA potluck, taking a bubble bath, wrapping gifts, or curating options for a few guests who don’t drink, keeping non-alcoholic options on hand is a way to extend care to your loved ones—and yourself! As far as we’re concerned, drinking dry is just as fun as any other kind of drinking. 

Enjoy a season of wine pairings, uncorking bubbly, mixing cocktails, and connecting without having to worry about tomorrow. To set yourself up for success, having red and white table wines and a few beers on hand is always a good idea. We love the special feel of a zero-proof craft cocktail and, of course, something sparkly for the season.

3. Shop Locally

All things are easier when you’re in good company—and community. When it comes to navigating the holidays without alcohol, we’re here to help…and to celebrate with you! Our in-store events calendar is packed with complimentary tastings and exclusive events. 

We can guarantee really good drinks, good vibes, and a chance to meet like-minded locals at your local shop.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have any and all questions answered, too. We’re proud to have a team with extensive product knowledge in our stores. Don’t be shy—it’s our pleasure to suggest food pairings, ingredient bundles, and even share our favorite recipes if you’d like. 

4. Creative Mixing

If you’re hosting or gathering with a mixed crowd, the difference between non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks never has to be divisive. NA cocktails can be as complex or involved as you’d like. For starters, check out a few of our Sober October hits from Derek Brown—he provided a recipe for everything from espresso martinis to moscow mules. For something less hands-on, try pre-mixed pours or bundled cocktail kits to simplify the search for ingredients. However you do it, serving an NA cocktail is so much more festive than the oh-so-boring seltzer & lime.

Our personal favorite for the season is the Batched Pomegranate Margarita. It’s tart, not overly sweet, and perfectly festive. The recipe is batched with serving friends in mind, but you can also keep it in a pitcher for a week’s worth of seasonal margaritas. 

5. Treat Yourself

At the end of the day, so many people reach for a drink in order to feel more rested, less stressed, and to savor the ritual of slowing down a bit. And yet—the optimistic ideal of a drink is all too often undermined by the effects of dehydration, hangovers, and morning-after misery. In lieu of all that, try treating yourself to other feel-good rituals. 

A jammy charcuterie board with a glass of crisp winter white wine. Dark chocolates with a premium non-alcoholic red wine. Something hemp-infused to take the edge off. Other ways to bookend a good day could include a few moments of journaling, getting a walk in before the sun sets on the early side, or catching an extra hour of sleep for the ultimate beauty rest. We even have a few sleep-inspired tips at the ready.

The art of drinking less—or not at all—is a personal one, but we love to see how you celebrate. Tag us @boisson.sips and #sophisticatedsips to share. Happy Holidays!

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