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Stop By & Sip With Us: 5 Tips for Shopping at Your Local Store

Posted by Alexandra Tenney on

1. Browse our Curation Online 

We’re proud to carry and curate a robust collection of non-alcoholic sips from around the world. With hundreds of iconic brands and even more unique spirits, wines, beers, cocktails & more to choose from—knowing where to start with NA options can be overwhelming. 

If you like bandwagons, our best-sellers collection is a surefire place to find out what’s flying off the shelves. The new products collection is ever evolving—although we can guarantee anything on this page has been thoroughly vetted and taste tested by yours truly.

Hand-picked bundles are designed to give you an idea of what’s possible with non-alcoholic drinks: two-ingredient cocktails, complex serves, filling an entire bar cart, wine pairings for a multi-course meal, or bubbly for 20 guests. If you see a bundle you like online, one of our team members can put it together for you in-store—with the special bundle pricing, of course.

2. Make a To-Buy List

Much like going to the grocery store hungry, showing up to a bottle shop without a plan can be overwhelming. Having a list—even a tentative, half-baked one—is a great place to get started…especially if you’re preparing to host or looking for a specific gift for someone special. 

3.Sip & Sample In-Store 

If there’s a spirit, shade of rosé, or non-alcoholic beer you’re craving—we probably have it. (If we don’t, let us know…we’re always open to feedback!). Our in-store experience incluees tastings of chilled wines, beers, and more. 

4. For Large Orders, Have a Ride Ready

Bottles get heavy! We can also arrange for door-to-door delivery through Doordash or place an order for delivery online if you’re traveling and would like your sips delivered. 

5. Attend In-Store Events for Inspiration! 

We love hosting. If you’re curious about the NA world, we’d love to have you as part of our community. We keep it fresh with a full calendar of in-store tastings, special guests, and exclusive events throughout New York, LA, San Francisco, and soon to be Miami. Join us! 

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