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Thanksgiving Hosting Tips & Sips

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In a world of non-alcoholic options, Thanksgiving no longer has to be synonymous with getting toasted. But, there’s so many things to toast and give thanks for. As the NA community continues to flourish, incorporating non-alcoholic options has become a pillar of any good party, shared meal, or celebration.

For some guests, imbibing in alcohol simply isn’t an option on Thanksgiving. Some may be pregnant. A few have early wake-ups for Black Friday sales. Others prefer to indulge in all of the food—leaving no room for booze bloat. And, as is the trend with an evolving shift around the culture of alcohol, many simply want to connect and cherish one of the most beloved holidays in America—with no hangover receipts.

Non-Alcoholic Hosting Tips

Make a Menu

If you’re really looking to wow your non-alcoholic enthusiastic guests, having a special drinks menu is a thoughtful way to make them feel cared for. 

It can be as simple as your handwriting and a doodle on household stationery, or get lost in a full-blown arts and crafts project if creative inspiration hits. Menus can be a perfect way to elevate or complete a beautiful tablescape, too.

Listing out the NA options on-hand will open the room with an air of inclusivity and delight—because no one really wants to simply sip on water or seltzer on Thanksgiving.


One for One—Non-Alcoholic Options

Speaking of options, there are so many. To keep it simple, you might try to keep a 1:1 ratio of alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks. A red, white, and pink wine option are great places to start. We’d also recommend having one to two NA cocktails available; guests can spike their own drinks, too! Last but not least, it never hurts to keep a classic champagne alternative on hand for any spontaneous moments that simply call for some bubbly. 

Without further ado, the Thanksgiving Sips:


Wines & Proxies

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Giesen Non-Alcoholic Rosé is a perfect holiday pink: clean, crisp, and refreshing—but not overwhelmingly sweet. With a nice acidity and dry finish, this makes for a lovely welcome serve or dessert wine.

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The beauty of wine proxies is the way they lend themselves to food. Designed specifically for enjoyment with food and fine stemware, Proxies make the perfect companion to holiday feasts. The newest white expression, Proxies Blanc Slate, mixes stone fruit, citrus, and a bit of chili spice on the finish. This one is a perfect companion to  soft cheeses and charcuterie. 

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For this year’s classic table red (a must-have for the holidays), we’re loving the Misty Cliffs Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. From seaside vineyards in South Africa, this red is beautifully aromatic and layered with dark red fruits, subtle spice, and fine tannins. It’s delicious with any tomato-based dishes or meat. In this case…turkey.

Spirits & Cocktails

Early Evening Cocktail
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For a soft and bright cocktail, we recommend Ceder’s Pink Rose Distilled Spirit in a garden-inspired cocktail or simple tonic. 

To make a larger welcome drink, simply batch the recipe out for your desired number of guests. You can even make the non-alcoholic punch and keep full-volume liquor on the side for guests who are imbibing. 

Pink Rose Welcome Cocktail 

Rose, juniper and hibiscus make for an enchanting, graceful welcome drink.


  1. 2 oz Ceder’s Pink Rose
  2. 1 small slice lemon peel
  3. 2 sprigs thyme
  4. 1 oz honey syrup
  5. 1 oz freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
  6. 2 oz soda water
  7. Crushed ice
  8. Sprig of thyme
  9. Zest of lemon

How to Sip:

  1. Muddle the small slice of lemon peel, a sprig of thyme, and honey syrup in the base of a cocktail glass
  2. Add all remaining ingredients and stir until well combined
  3. Top it off with crushed ice and soda water
  4. For the final touch—garnish with remaining sprig of thyme, zest of lemon & a dehydrated orange wheel

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When bellies are full, the fire’s going, and guests are savoring a Thanksgiving well spent, some may opt for a drink with a bit of spice and warmth to it. For that, we have CleanCo Apple V Vodka. It’s Like vodka—minus the alcohol, plus a festive kick. Clean V can easily be enjoyed in a simple non-alcoholic vodka tonic, but it’s the holidays—and we feel like mixing.

Spiced Clean Apple Sling Cocktail 

Apple, cinnamon, and bitters come together in this aromatic, sweet, and spicy drink.


  1. 2 oz CleanCo V 
  2. 2 wedges squeezed lime
  3. 1-3 dashes Angostura bitters

We love All The Bitter Alcohol-Free Bitters

  1. 4 oz sparkling water
  2. Cubed ice 
  3. Sliced apple garnish

How to Sip:

  1. Pour Clean V into a highball glass
  2. Squeeze the juice of 2 limes over Clean V & top with sparkling water
  3. Add ice to the glass 
  4. Add Angostura bitters to taste—a bit goes a long way!
  5. And for the apple delight at the end—arrange a fan of thinly cut apple slices for a garnish. Or just one—whatever suits you.


The Finale
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To top it all off, keep a bottle (or a few) of the ever-luxurious French Bloom Sparkling Wine—Le Blanc on hand. It’s perfectly suited for those idyllic holiday moments that pass all too quickly—and call for bubbles.


Sip, Enjoy, & Toast

In the spirit of the holiday, non-alcoholic alternatives for wines, spirits, cocktails and more are abundant than they’ve ever been.   

As a host, spending extra time to keep each guest’s glass half-full (and then some) is a tried-and-true way to create an inviting, warm experience for everyone. Treat and toast to yourself, too! Cheers.

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