From sparkling wines to spirits to canned cocktails, there's a lot of ISH to enjoy.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2018 by Morten Sørensen on the belief that everyone deserves a drink, ISH brings a range of non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and ready-to-drink cocktails to the table. Made with love, all natural ingredients, and no GMO’s, each ISH expression feels familiar, fulfilling, and fun. Designed for pairing mindfulness with playfulness, this multi-award winning portfolio will have you second guessing if it's truly non-alcoholic!

0.5% ABV
gluten free
What people are saying

"I genuinely wouldn’t know this is non alcoholic."


"Gin ISH has a wonderful bite, giving the sensation of an alcoholic gin. The juniper berry is at the forefront, capsicum at the back of the throat. It's great to mix with any NA drink for a sense of authenticty."


"Tastes just like the real thing!"


"I recently was diagnosed as being pre diabetic so I have been switching to a low carb/ sober curious lifestyle ... When I took a sip I was absolutely blown away by the authentic flavor. I really couldn't believe it. I am definitely going to order more of this. Fantastic."


"Tastes like an alcoholic rose but without the buzz or calories. Great for a summer’s day get together"



There's a different NA journey for everyone. For those who are looking to find the most identical replacements in flavor and feel to their alcoholic counterparts, ISH is our recommended go-to start.

Q&A with Morten Sørensen, Founder of ISH Spirits

"...everyone deserves a drink. It’s not about limiting, it’s about choice. Choice is having options. Choice is a ‘possibility’. Choice is empowering."


We've created a 'pregnancy friendly' filter on our category pages to help filter our products that are free of ingredients typically recommended to avoid. Please note this is a method of filtering and not medical advice; consult your doctor first before trying anything new. As pregnancy is highly personal, we cannot advise what's appropriate for your journey.

Items that are 0.5% ABV are still included in this filter; please check with your doctor for what is right for you. For comparison, there can be as much as 0.73% ABV in orange juice and 0.86% ABV in grape juice, and an even higher percentages in certain types of bread.