Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

Chardonnay is an iconic member of the white-wine family. Ranging from light and refreshing to savory and rich in flavor, it’s a mellow pour known for its versatility. Our curated collection of non-alcoholic Chardonnays provides options that honor the characteristics of the original wine, sans alcohol. When it comes to this classic serve, there’s no need to sacrifice on your favorite tastes, qualities, and traditions. 

Different Chardonnays have a way of reflecting the terroirs they come from. Whether you’re into crisp, fruity pours or something a bit richer, our collection has sophisticated options for every occasion, guest, and meal pairing. We love exploring a savory glass on its own or pairing different expressions with fresh, buttery seafood and creamy sides or pastas. If, like us, you keep a household bottle or two on hand for when the mood strikes, we have those, too.

Leitz Non-Alcoholic Eins Zwei Chardonnay - Boisson
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Lautus - Lautus Chardonnay - Non-Alcoholic Wine - Boisson
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